April 03, 2010

more Caboladies

Well it looks like someone already beat me to uploading the new Caboladies, so instead i'm just gonna post some more Caboladies that I uploaded to mediafire a while ago, i posted these links on CA with intentions to someday put them up here as well

it's worth upgrading your collection:

Atomic Weekender (2009)

Body Tides (2007)

Constellation Deformity (2009)


Psychic Birthmark (2008)

Split w/ Oneohtrix Point Never (2009)

Waterslide Mines (2008)

I really love these dudes, one of my favorites of the genre. I think it used to be a 3-piece but now it's just down to 2 dudes. Doesn't seem like they tour much but if they ever come around I have a feeling they'd be great to see live. If anyone's interested I could post both of the dudes solo works as well, I have a few albums here and there.


Patrick said...

Konrad, I love you this much

j said...

i'd like to hear them. I've dug what i've heard of these guys so far. Thanks so much for the post!

The Tycoon said...

i've been looking for their solo stuff, so if you could up that it'd be much appreciated

The Tycoon said...

track 1 of psychic birthmark is corrupted :-(

The Tycoon said...

fuck, and track 4 from body tides is also corrupted.

anyone that just wants to hook me up is more than welcome. definitely one of my fav bands out there right now and finding all these releases in one spot is gold.