September 23, 2010


Amoral, V

I have a new band crush. Their name is Violens and they're 4 New Yorkers from Miami. I would describe them myself, but their info does the job perfectly already:

"Their music imagines a place where The Zombies & The Byrds meet Wire & The Violent Femmes, and Crass meets Angelo Badalamenti & Prefab Sprout."

So much genre melding going on with Amoral - from poppy to psychy to some fast shoegazing on Another Strike Restrained and a little post-rocking on Generational Loss - I'm melting I'm melting! Also, I think there's a didgeridoo playing for a few seconds at the beginning of "Could You Stand To Know." They're so cool (I assume... not like we're close personal friends) and such a great change of pace from all the shit I've been listening to lately.

That's right. Officially dropped off the chillwave and ditched my chillboard, at least for the time being. One second my friend and I were driving around and he was telling me how much he loves Tame Impala, and the next second their music was blasting and I just had this thought:

This shit is kinda boring/repetitive and I've had enough!!!(?)

An inexplicable sorrowful rage filled my body. I asked him to change the music, and when he didn't I seriously considered cashing his face via my fist, but then I remembered that I weigh about 100 lbs, so instead I went home and listened to Violens.

Hope you liked hearing my life story and hope you like their music!

September 20, 2010

Prince Rama

After listening to this I experienced 4 flashbacks, 3 visits from a goat demigod, and I can now read sanskrit. Prince Rama make psychedelic music. Really great psychedelic music. Get out your ceremonial chillums and get prepared for a ride. This is their third full-length and their first released on Animal Collective's Paw Tracks.

September 19, 2010



Here's a mix I put together months ago (all of the tracks were added to my iTunes library between 4/7 and 5/29). Sorry it took me so long to post. My reason is equal parts exhaustion and disillusionment. I won't bother you with details. Above is an artwork suggestion (paper collage by Are Bokkelmost), and below is a tracklisting suggestion.

#. Artist - Song (Release; Label)

1. Eric Copeland - Fun Dink Death (Doo Doo Run 7"; PPM)
2. Pregnant - Alone (Regional Music; Life's Blood)
3. Vacation Dad - ihopeyourfavoritecoloriseverywhere (Vacation Dad's Soundcloud)
4. Foxes In Fiction - Flashing Lights Have Ended Now (Swung From The Branches; Moodgadget)
5. Lush Cola - Lush (Lush Cola; Patient Sounds)
6. Chrome Wings - Dream Club (Time Patterns; Stunned Records)
7. Connan Mockasin - Faking Jazz Together (Please Turn Me Into The Snat; Phantasy Sound)
8. Royal Hideouts - Kid Brother (Gaucho) (Pine Sharks EP)
9. Cool World - Heavy Pets (Gaydream Nation; DŒS ARE)
10. Dignan Porch - We Sat On The Hill (Tendrils; Captured Tracks)
11. Blithe Field - Ghost Riding The Whip (Beautiful Wave '74)
12. Kites Sail High - Always (Alone/Secrets; Life's Blood)


"Medusa harnesses the power of Slayer's most evil riffs and filter, twist, and abuse them via the record collector, nerdworthy triptych of Melvins, Lightning Bolt, and The Jesus Lizard. At times they are surprisingly melodic, other moments sound like they're trying to separate your arms from their sockets in order to use them as battle re-enactment swords, and sometimes they're trying to do both...there is definitely no fucking around." - Outburn
Medusa is a Bloomington favorite of mine. Their debut EP, En Raga Sul, is a very impressive work that leaves you feeling like you just fought a war and don't know who won.

September 17, 2010

Punch - Push Pull (2010)

Just as their debut release did, this album covers multiple corners of the hardcore spectrum. The vocals are as shrill as you would expect them to be, and the musicianship just as tight and fun as you would hope from this California powerhouse.
Buy It

September 13, 2010

Mimicking Birds

genre: folk, singer-songwriter

Mimicking Birds began as the solo bedroom recordings of Oregon native Nate Lacy and eventually expanded to include close personal friends Aaron Hanson (drum) and Tim Skellenger (guitar). The music itself is very minimalist with simple rhythms and sparse arrangements, but what really sets it apart is Lacy's delicate vocal delivery.

I have a natural bias against most singer-songwriters. In my experience, they tend to lean on power chords, sing in cliches, and have massive egos. This is not the case with Lacy. You can hear a certain hesitancy and shyness in his voice as he fingerpicks through cyclical melodies. He's not a rockstar, he's just charming and talented. Plus, his voice reminds me of a less whiny hybrid of Okay and Electric President's vocalists (don't kill me for picking that adjective, I love both those bands).

Although most reviewers seem to favor the song "Loops," my personal favorites are "Burning Star," which is easily the most confident and structured song on the album, and "Cabin Fever."

P.S. sorry for getting this to you so late :c