February 26, 2010


The Heart of the Nightlife (2010)

Hi. Most of the reason I don't post anymore is because I don't really care about writing about albums, these days. Sorry. But some user of a certain torrent site has done it for me this time:

"It's like if Alan Palomo laid down a track and got Jens to sing over it."

So we're already defining new bands in terms of Neon Indian? Oh. Alright.

I really just want this to actually be Jens Lekman's secret attempt to ride the beach/surf/chill wave wave.


February 25, 2010

Spiritual Bankruptcy

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Ridiculous thrash-punk EP from Bygones, which, if you recall, is composed of Zach Hill and Nick Reinhart, two of my favorite musicians who collaborated to create one of my favorite albums of last year. Stream it from the link above, and then buy it at the same place for only three dollars. Or find it for free elsewhere.

Farms/Panda Teeth

Farms/Panda Teeth Split

Download it from Farms' website if the link above doesn't work.
While you're there, get their first EP, it's killer as well.

Farms: Myspace // Last.fm
Panda Teeth: Myspace // Last.fm

A split where neither band overshadows the other is hard to come by. This album fits the bill, due in part to the consistent atmosphere and energy over the course of the four songs that both bands contribute. Vacation Dad's main band, Farms, sounds like Animal Collective's live show circa Feels, but with some math-rock elements thrown in (I'm hesitant to attribute a phrase like "Battles-esque precision", but the influence is definitely there). Panda Teeth is in a noisy electronic realm of tribal rhythms and epic 8-bit synths. Kinda sounds like Street Horrrsing or Broken Ear Record. I'm pretty sure both bands are coming out with new full-lengths this year (check out their myspaces for tracks that'll be on them). If this split is an indication, they won't have any trouble getting your attention.

February 23, 2010


Have One On Me (VBR)

Beauty. This describes both Joanna Newsom and her music. This 3xLP is the most accessible thing she has ever done, but that should in no way make you think she has lost her edge. Just check out that fucking regal album cover.

Drag City

Sigh & Explode

These Seem Like Tarantulas

Hey, sorry about the lack of posting, school/babes/shows distracting me.
But hey, I owe you music.
Here you go, fresh out of Scandinavia.
The guy on throats reminds me of a cross between mid-at.the.drive.in Cedric Bixler and Jordan Blilie (actually, they used to play with the Blood Brothers), but don't worry, this is no rip-off act.

Oh, and don't be put off by the screamo tag. I think non-screamo fans could potentially fall very hard for this album if they'd give themselves a chance.

February 20, 2010

Infinite Body

Carve Out The Face Of My God

Beautiful ambient record from a good man named Kyle. This is his best yet, and it's the loudest dream you'll ever have. There's lots of cellophane shimmering and light refracting through clouds and ink bleeding through graph paper.

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Buy it!

February 13, 2010


All Stills

If that link doesn't work, try this one.

Horsepital (now known as Gem Jones) reminds me of a stop-motion animated adaptation of The Little Prince that I watched with my 3rd grade class in the library and it scared the shit out of me. This cassette is not that creepy, but it does recall the image of a clay doll catapulted through space and all the planets have faces and some of them might be smiling. And then the clay doll lands on a swamp planet that smells like Jolly Ranchers and joins the slimy fluorescent natives for a game of ping-pong.

You'll dig this if you like Ducktails, Wet Hair, Emeralds, Big Spider's Back.

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February 12, 2010

Outer Space

Outer Space - Sea of Vapors (2008)

If you haven't listened to emeralds yet, then your already really far behind. But in case you have, check out this side project featuring John Elliott playing synthesizer. It's much more minimal and arranged with more electronic soundscapes than an emeralds or lilypad release. This one also features Ralph Haussmann on synthesizer/electronics and Delina R. on vocals. Their other stuff is really cool too, check em out when you get a chance

Sky Limousine

Sky Limousine - Out of the Blue (2009)

Got this one towards the end of 09. pretty short, but really good. go ahead and add this to your really short collection of sky limousine's music cuz i haven't seen much of this dude's stuff around. and i gotta admit, i think i'm a bigger fan of futuresport (one of his other side projects) but this ones still pretty cool. hope to see more of this name showing up in 2010. ambient textures and melodies floating in and out of your ear. ENJOY!


Nonhorse - Peace Ninja (2008)

Nonhorse - Pink Light (2008)

Got these maybe over a year ago now, and the reason I'm posting all these tapes so late is because I just recently got an auxiliary cable to record them to digital copies. This is the solo project of G. Lucas Crane who is probably better known to most people as one of the members of a band called Woods. I was with a couple friends at a show at the silent barn and we walked into his room and said whats up and bought these tapes from him. Really cool guy and really interesting live performances. The tapes are filled with lots of ambient/noise/drone sounds. Enjoy!

February 07, 2010

Vacation Dad

Vacation Dad EP

Post-noise side project from the drummer of Farms, a band I just fell in love with even though I still haven't found anything besides the songs on their myspace.

This EP is rife with jagged guitars colliding delays and looping into sunrise mirrors and fuzzy jumbles of jungle feathers tickling your bare feet but actually you are in a suburban backyard playing in the sand that spilled out of your sandbox and maybe five years later you're on your back looking at some vast blue expanse and your little brother pours a handful of it in your eye and it stings but you were supposed to be watching him anyway. Those clouds were totally distracting.

My point is, pay attention to this. It floats in an as-yet-undefined space between High Wolf and Ecstatic Sunshine and Peaking Lights and Julian Lynch and you'll love it, I know you will.

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Paul Baribeau Tape

Here's a short six-song demo that was released/leaked sometime in the past year. I have no idea when. If you know when this surfaced and if it was ever actually released as a tape, tell me in the comments. Otherwise, enjoy these new-ish songs from one of my favorite acoustic dudes.

Myspace // Last.fm

Emeralds & Dilloway

Under Pressure

Explanation unnecessary. Well, I guess a brief description couldn't hurt: This collaboration is not a cover of "Under Pressure".

Silver Bullets

Silver Bullets - Free Radical

Cassette released on Stunned Records last year. Discovered by dude from Super Minerals while visiting his family in Sicily. Sounds like Sun Araw, Vibes, Predator Vision, etc.


February 06, 2010

Clara Clara - AA

Clara Clara - AA (2007)

This is a band that I listened to a lot a few years ago although I only had a few songs. I waited for them to release an album and I guess I forgot about that after a little while. I checked up on them recently and purchased their full length from 2007. It's a really fun 3 piece of some peeps from france. Sounds kinda like a mix between kickball and lightning bolt. lots of cool bass riffs and catchy drummings with keyboards and sometimes some shouted vocals. One of my biggest regrets is missing them when they played with kickball a few years ago :'(

February 02, 2010

Integrity - To Die For

To Die For

Integrity are from Cleveland, Ohio. Their music is a crossover of metal and hardcore punk, much like Baltimore's Pulling Teeth, whom they heavily influenced. They have been around since 1989. However, this release on Deathwish was out in 2003. Swing those fucking fists.