January 20, 2011

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight - Oscillate Wisely (1/25/11)

I had the great pleasure of attending the release show for Oscillate Wisely, an album fully written and recorded by Bloomington, IN artist and musical figure Mike Adams. Oscillate brings to the listener a dreamy collection of groovy, slow pop tracks with heartfelt lyrics and a sense of sincerity that is becoming far too absent in music. It is being released by local label Flannelgraph (whom also released the OF 7" by Osteoferocious) in conjunction with St. Ives Records.

Check out the video for the single taken from the album, a track called "I'm Not Worried":

January 12, 2011

Woodsman - Mystery Tape

Mystery Tape

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Stream and/or download all their albums and/or buy the tangible editions via Bandcamp. Check out two tracks from their upcoming Rare Forms LP while you're there. Absent from that archive is their beko_34 single, available from Beko DSL.