October 30, 2009



This is one of the best ambient records I've heard in a while because it's so organic, unlike most of the other ambient stuff I've been into -- that of the synth-based and spaced-out set. This album is more like the end of The Shining as opposed to the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey, if that makes sense. I'd recommend this to fans of Super Minerals and other things I can't think of right now -- for some reason, I want to say the quieter parts of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, or if The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place was buried in a bomb shelter and recorded through a drain pipe. Most of it is guitar loop streams and feedback rivers flowing down delay mountains, if I'm not mistaken (I probably am, since I've neglected all valleys and clearings); hence, the post-rock tag.

I'll be posting three other records from this band in a few days, but I figured I should put them in a different post since they're all somewhat different from this one. You'll see. In the meantime, familiarize yourself with a record I'm surprised isn't more widely hyped.


October 28, 2009

For You.Earth

For You.Earth - The Oldest Songs

Russian mathy hardcore.
The screams are high and pretty intense, and the music is gloriously chaotic. i've run some of the lyrics through translators (speaking russian is, sadly, not in my skill set). the first repeated lyric i ran through was: "you will be taken with the ground"
not bad, right?
right now their album isn't for sale in the states, sadly, but they're looking for a us/europe label so that they can get here.

October 27, 2009


Once again, a band from Chicago. They mix Doom, Drone, and Noise to create a really groovy, instrumental, and dissonant sound. I recommend starting with 2007's "Hippie Killer" as it has the most stand-alone gems. 2008's "Hate Ashbury" is one long piece split into parts.

Hippie Killer (2007)

Hate Ashbury (2008)

New: Om, Russian Circles, Between The Buried and Me

Russian Circles - Geneva

I have been a fan of Russian Circles for some time now. Their new album is, to me, their best. They do a wonderful job of blending textbook post-rock melodies with intense guitar work that is reminiscent of fellow Chicago band Pelican. This album starts out strong with some shorter tracks and ends with a few epics that delve into the realm of prog.


Om - God is Good

If you don't know about Om, and don't feel like opening up a new tab to look at their Wiki, they are a duo that formed as a result of the disbanding of Sleep. They play some good Doom Metal. While I definitely prefer 2007's "Pilgrimage" to this new release of theirs it is still fairly solid. I may post Pilgrimage sometime in the near future.


Between The Buried and Me - The Great Misdirect

I'm sure this band needs no introductions. You either love them for what they bring to the table, or hate them for it. Just know this, if you loved 2007's "Colors", you will dig the fuck out of this.


October 26, 2009

Parotia Tree & Tycho Anomaly & Memory Screen

Stay with me here, this might get confusing. Recently, some dude on www.CollectedAnimals.net posted some of his music. And it was awesome. Some members of the forum requested that he post more music. So he did. All of it was awesome.

The first and most recent thing he posted was this:
Balloons Split
One half is Chordata Primate, the other half is Tycho Anomaly (the guy that posted it). It was recorded "over the past few months".

Chordata Primate is now known as Memory Screen. Memory Screen's album can be downloaded HERE for free (watch the video, too). Get this if you're a fan of Do Make Say Think and miss the way they used to play jazz like they wanted to hypnotize the Titans.

These are both awesome records. Listen to them at their myspace links below if you want a better idea of how they sound. Also, do you see how many genre labels I used on this post? I even resorted to using "experimental". That should tell you something, because I usually make it a point to avoid that tag simply due to its cop-out, anti-descriptive nature. Today, I can't avoid it. I'm of the opinion that the fact of this being posted on an Animal Collective fan forum is enough incentive to download all this stuff.

Then, he posted this album, which the Tycho Anomaly guy made with the guy who is now Memory Screen. And it is awesome. I've been listening to this one the most, which is weird, because it apparently was recorded "several years ago" and, according to the dude who is now Tycho Anomaly, is "definitely not as well developed as some of the stuff on the split". I don't know what he's on about, really.

Parotia Tree Myspace
Tycho Anomaly Myspace
Memory Screen Myspace

TV Ghost

Cold Fish

Got this because they're opening for Lightning Bolt and Black Dice on Oct 30 (pretty sweet show! I'll be there). I'm glad I did, because they're awesome. I've never listened to The Birthday Party, but this is what I would expect them to sound like if they were way inspired by Arab on Radar.

Here's a video directed by the amazing EyeBodega.
It's got boobs and creepy old black-and-white film clips!

Myspace //// Buy it!

Tofu Delux


I'm gonna recommend that you download Bear Claw (their only full-length record) and October/November EP.

Tofu Delux is on Cozy Home Records. They are very generous, because all of their releases are available to download for free at the link above. They've done all my work for me! Isn't that helpful?

Their recordings are like electronic/ambient/IDM laptop experiments. The prominent vocals give 'em a psych-pop core reminiscent of Panda Bear and Candy Claws. I don't know man, this is hard music to describe. They don't sound like they're the band in that picture, that's for sure. Unless you watch the video on their Myspace.

October 21, 2009



I'm a bit late on the Emeralds bandwagon, I guess. The first time they circulated the internet (would use the term "blogosphere" but for the similarity between that term and the name of this blog. don't want to connote self-importance), I didn't "get" what the "big deal" was. I still don't! (Nah, jk. They're pretty good.)

I could call them "hyperactive ambient" - this is possibly a personal bias, because I tend to listen to them between one and four in the morning when I'm having trouble getting to sleep (a common side-effect of Adderall) or when I'm having trouble writing a paper (a common symptom of that which causes me to take Adderall).

The more musical reason is that the trio tends to do a lot with very little. There's an abundance of noise happening here, and much to get distracted by (ha): Synth flourishes with distinguishable notes and complex patterns, for one thing, juxtapose sharply against slow atmospheric swells. Mark McGuire (for another thing) plays obvious guitar - meaning, there's no guessing game of ohhh is that a synth tide coming in or an e-bow conjuring currents? He really riffs out, and it's enthralling, never cheesy. This is far from background listening.

These are the three albums of theirs that I have been listening to lately. Get 'em, if you haven't yet. And don't worry if you feel nothing immediately - the time will come. Maybe between one and four in the morning, when you're wide awake, and/or falling asleep.

The Overlook Tour CS
- Sold on their European tour, March 2009. Limited to 75 copies. The captivating second half of Side B is the best.

What Happened
- Technically a full-length recording, but comprised of five improvisational pieces that were recorded over the course of two years. Released in January of this year.

- Self-titled and most recent (?), released in September.

October 20, 2009


New layout, yes or no?

Also, http://www.last.fm/group/STRATOSPHERING -- Join.
Don't do it for me, do it for you.

EDIT: been changing little things throughout the day because whatever. so yeah.

October 15, 2009

Good Luck, Wrugs.

Yes, as Patrick has said, college is realllllllly busy. I have been meaning to share some music for a while now, and even though I do have quite a few midterms to study for, I have decided to post up some links for your listening pleasure. I was also a tiny bit influenced by Patrick's stellar post. Just a tiny bit.....

Good Luck - Into Lake Griffy - (MYSPACE W/ BUY LINKS)
Speaking of college, this band was the headliner for my first show I attended during my first week here in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana. They hail from said town, and drew a huge crowd of locals. The show was energetic, fun, and really set the mood for what I hope is going to be a great experience schooling here. Their music is great, heartfelt pop-punk with lyrics that just make you want to chill on your stoop with your good friends, listen to some good music, and take out a dirty thirty of whatever is cheapest.

Wrugs - Pass The Time Please - (MYSPACE)
Wrugs is a band from Chicago. They sent me their Braided Gas EP a while back and I enjoyed what I heard. This EP is no different, still some good psych-folk coming from this project.

(S)up(?)date, Upd(So very l)ate, Upd(new m)ate(s).

Pretty sure I speak for the entire "Stratosphering Team" (lolz) when I say that college is a really, really busy time. Sorry dudes. I'm trying, though! (See, aren't I posting right now? That must count for something.) I think about you every day. It's just that my phone has been on the fritz, and, oh my god, the other night, I was literally just about to call you, and then I remembered there was this paper I had to write, and... well, I just want you to know, I'm here for you, no matter what. I still love you baby... wait, this is Amanda, right? Oops. Aaaaawwwwkkward.

Anyway, I keep returning to this goddamn place (which somehow manages to continue attracting more "followers"! Thanks dudes!) because I'm noticing that there aren't really many blogs that are still consistent in their coverage of "semi-mainstream" (but still "edgy", or "hip") indie leaks as well as upcoming bands with like five listeners on last.fm. Not saying there aren't any blogs like that, but they're way harder to find than they were about a year ago. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places? (Then again, there's also the matter of blogs getting shut down -- because, you know, posting free music, without permission, and all that...)

Oh, right. This post isn't just about me. It's about you, Amanda dear readers! Without feather adew, Here are some links I've had for a while, but nary the time to post them - UNTIL TODAY.

Actually, right before I get started, I just want to mention that this post (and, erm, the font change) was partially if not entirely inspired by BUTTER x FACE, a blog I found on some other blog's blogroll (can't remember which one! bummer), that has apparently been mentioned on Pitchfork (pretty legit), and also has been linking to Stratosphering for who knows how long without asking for anything in return. In any case, I spent my entire morning downloading shit from there, and so far all of it is killer. I might post some of it here eventually. I basically figured I owed them a new post for reppin' us, so here it is, you know? Those ladies probably have all this shit already, though -- that's how cool they are. And, ladies: If you're reading this, I'm single.

Desolation Wilderness - New Universe
- (Myspace/BUY HERE) - You're probably anticipating a full-length album from Real Estate as much as I am. That's forthcoming, right? Anyway, this should tide you over - reminds me of them, mixed with somewhat of a "nu-gaze" (that's a trendy new genre, right?) influence, but mostly this is just high-quality dreamy indie. I'm listening to this album right now, and all I can think about is this time last year, when I was still in community college, going on field trips to the beach with my Oceanography class. And walking all the way up the staircase to the top of the lighthouse behind this one girl with a really great butt. That was a good day.

Gold Panda
- (Myspace / BUY HERE) - this link contains both Before and Miyamae EP. No Quitter's Raga, though. Sounds like scratchy samples and sweet heavy beats. According to last.fm, very similar to...

Teengirl Fantasy - CD-R
- (Myspace) - I won't lie, I actually discovered both Teengirl Fantasy and Gold Panda through their respective "Rising" features on Pitchfork. Sue me, dude. In contrast with the GP's chill lo-fi nature, TgF is way busier, and almost more immediately party-able - which isn't to say it is more accessible. Maybe I sound like I'm trying too hard to describe this, so I'm going to stop now. Note: That's probably not the real cover art.

Hey!Tonal - Hey!Tonal
- (Myspace / BUY HERE) - Pretty ridiculous collab. Cut-and-paste drums from Kevin Shea, who I am familiar with through his work with Storm and Stress. The guitar sounds were devised by Dave Davidson, of Maps & Atlases, and Theo Katsounis, who has played with Joan of Arc. They were also cut-and-pasted, as well as overdubbed, and the result is almost disorienting in its complexity. Kinda lends the recording an IDM-esque quality. I'm tempted to say the album veers toward the noisy side of math-rock, but there are nice twinkly parts as well. Most of the noise actually comes from Kevin Shea. I heard he has, like, five arms. Underhyped.

Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport
- (Myspace / BUY HERE) - Overhyped? Probably. IDC, man - it's still totally killer. Like a noisy version of the Field, or Bromst but without vocals. Or possibly the only similarity between the three is that they all employ repetition to an effect that is no less than mind-altering. If you're getting GP and TgF, you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't get this.