October 30, 2010

Pissed Jeans - Your Life Is Worth Pissed Jeans (2010)

Finally, something new from a band that has consistently delivered solid recordings since their forming. They claim that this release is in no way connected with any recording of a new full-length. However, I am going to disregard that and hope for something before the year is through. These two songs are fairly solid. "The L Word" is my favorite of the two. If you are unfamiliar with this band, think of My War-era Black Flag, but apathetic and middle-aged.

October 25, 2010



(photo by Lauren Treece)

This painstakingly handcrafted collection of tracks veers wildly through all sorts of landscapes and environments with distinct tones and palettes, dulls creeping away, vivids jolting forward. Sounds like damp tunnels spilling echoes into roars and then rumbles; machetes cutting through jungles as an expedition makes its way to the top of the mountain; city streets congested by lingering whims, because there is never enough time to ask a stranger whose style you admire whether or not they'd want to get coffee later.

#. Artist - Song (Album, Label) // (+links to download/stream/buy where applicable+)
1. Tera Melos - Frozen Zoo (Patagonian Rats, Sargent House)
2. Gala Drop - RAUZE (12" EP, Golf Channel Recordings)
3. Change Leopardon - Airport at Dawn (Gaiden, Critical Stoic)
4. Sean McCann - County Heirlooms (Chances Are Staying, DNT Records)
5. High Wolf - Diego (Ascension, Not Not Fun)
6. Monster Rally - Shangri La (EP, Self-Released)
7. Star Slinger - May I Walk With You? (Single, Self-released)
8. Balam Acab - Big Boy (See Birds EP, Tri Angle)
9. Teams - Airworks (We Have A Room With Everything, Self-released)
10. Woodsman - I Can't Move (??, ??)
11. Persona La Ave - WILLCAVE (Single, AMDISCS)
12. Twin Sister - Lady Daydream (Change Leopardon Remix)
13. Big Spider's Back - Perfect Machine (USF Remix) (Turns EP, Circle Into Square)

October 18, 2010

I decided to post an old album. Sorry. I have listened to this album three times today. I listen to this more than I listen to Damaged. I love this album. I want you to love this album. Best enjoyed angry and in the winter. Make sure you are cold, too.

October 11, 2010

High Wolf

High Wolf's fractal psychedelics evoke the infinite geometry that can be perceived anywhere in the natural world, if you look close enough. Traverse the path into the forest. It is damp from a recent shower. Drops of water rest on a leaf, magnifying its skin. You observe the distinct pattern of its venation. You imagine sucrose pumping like blood, tucked under the microscopic layers of what can be seen. Or is the blood below also visible? Or haven't you seen it before, where your own inner arm bends? It is true that the same basic elements compose organic compounds which act as fuel for both lives. You suddenly notice you have been leaning gradually closer to the leaf, and you feel an inexplicable compulsion to lick away its beaded coat. The urge quickly subsides, almost as if the plant has commanded it. You realize you are already connected to this creature, and its energy, as it senses your proximity, amplifies the bond. The particles that give you shape are rearranged in the plant -- and, indeed, in all things -- to trigger unique dynamic structures. The leaf is a symbol of the natural world that surrounds you. It is a pattern repeating, but it is also alive, its adaptations infinitesimal, undetectable.

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High Wolf
(2009, Winged Sun)

(2009, Winged Sun)

(2010, Not Not Fun) -nml-