October 25, 2010



(photo by Lauren Treece)

This painstakingly handcrafted collection of tracks veers wildly through all sorts of landscapes and environments with distinct tones and palettes, dulls creeping away, vivids jolting forward. Sounds like damp tunnels spilling echoes into roars and then rumbles; machetes cutting through jungles as an expedition makes its way to the top of the mountain; city streets congested by lingering whims, because there is never enough time to ask a stranger whose style you admire whether or not they'd want to get coffee later.

#. Artist - Song (Album, Label) // (+links to download/stream/buy where applicable+)
1. Tera Melos - Frozen Zoo (Patagonian Rats, Sargent House)
2. Gala Drop - RAUZE (12" EP, Golf Channel Recordings)
3. Change Leopardon - Airport at Dawn (Gaiden, Critical Stoic)
4. Sean McCann - County Heirlooms (Chances Are Staying, DNT Records)
5. High Wolf - Diego (Ascension, Not Not Fun)
6. Monster Rally - Shangri La (EP, Self-Released)
7. Star Slinger - May I Walk With You? (Single, Self-released)
8. Balam Acab - Big Boy (See Birds EP, Tri Angle)
9. Teams - Airworks (We Have A Room With Everything, Self-released)
10. Woodsman - I Can't Move (??, ??)
11. Persona La Ave - WILLCAVE (Single, AMDISCS)
12. Twin Sister - Lady Daydream (Change Leopardon Remix)
13. Big Spider's Back - Perfect Machine (USF Remix) (Turns EP, Circle Into Square)

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This looks like it's going to be an awesome mix.