March 24, 2011

W H O K I L L // Buy it!

Tune-Yards, that's W H O. lol but srsly tho this album K I L L s. I'm not joking, and I hadn't noticed the album title contains that word. I expect reviews might include combinations and variations of ideas like "improves upon its predecessor in so many ways, too many ways to even try to explain," "but mostly recording/production/depth, which were the only qualities needing improvement anyway," and "commanding vocal presence that confidently supports her eccentric style, with accessible confidence," among words like "risky," "fresh," "triumphant," "best," "album," and "woman."

P.S. I have no comment regarding my two-month absence. Furthermore, I have one comment: Tumblr.

March 15, 2011

Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor is a pop-punk band from Torrance, California. This is their self-titled release. Very tight and cohesive with a Cap'n Jazz-saturated sound coming through at some points.

March 05, 2011

Sleeping Bag

From Bloomington, Indiana, Sleeping Bag presents a 1990s alternative rock sound reminiscent of acts like The Pixies, Built To Spill and Weezer. Dave Segedy, who is the main songwriter, takes drums and vocal duties live, while David Woodruff and Lewis Rogers fill in on guitar and bass. Their sound relies on tight, catchy, and simplistic melodies paired with Segedy's fun, relatable lyrics delivered in a soft and reserved manner. Sleeping Bag is set to play alongside the likes of Ty Segall, Beach Fossils, and The War on Drugs during this year's WIUX Culture Shock, an annual free festival of sorts that happens in the spring. Culture Shock is put on by WIUX, the college radio station here at Indiana University. Click the bandcamp link above for streams of a few tracks that will eventually be made available through a full length. I also encourage you to try to catch any of the number of shows they have been playing lately.