August 30, 2008

Ghost Mice - Europe (2006)

Two-piece folk-punk band hailing straight from Bloomington, Indiana! They always play acoustically, no mics, and usually play their shows in backyards or on street corners in front of venues. This album is a concept album about their trip through Europe, they had little to no money, no destination, and didn't know anyone there. Each song is named after where they were at that particular moment, and each song continues the story.

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August 25, 2008

Department of Eagles - In Ear Park (2008)

The new album from Daniel Rossen's less psych folksy and nearly as incredible second band, to tide you over until the new Grizzly Bear.
It's no Yellow House, but it's gooooooooood.

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Mogwai - The Hawk Is Howling (2008)

If you're a fan of Mogwai, you should know by now that they never disappoint. In any case, so far, I enjoy this more than Mr. Beast, whatever that means.

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[My link was removed by mediafire, try the SORDO Music Archive]


Quiet and strong rock music from Jonathan Meiburg and his friends. Jonathan used to play in Okkervil River. He really likes birds. The technical term for this curiosity is "ornithologist."

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Palo Santo: Expanded Edition (2007)

Rook (2008)

AIDS Wolf - Cities Of Glass (2008)

This sounds like their other stuff except a bit evil. Here's a post from their blog with pictures of the artwork for the LP, it's really gnarly.

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August 24, 2008

Talkdemonic - Eyes at Half Mast (2008)

Talkdemonic is an instrumental, self-described "folktronic hop" duo from Portland. It's very densely layered and simultaneously light and airy stuff, with a lot of post-rock borrowed dynamics. Did I mention beautiful? Creative?
This album will be released September 16th on Arena Rock.

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August 23, 2008

Mount Eerie - Lost Wisdom (2008)

"10 songs recorded quickly and quietly during a surprise visit by Julie Doiron, keeper of the world’s greatest and saddest voice, and Fred Squire, hidden guitarist of the floating riff, in a small wooden room in Anacortes, Washington before they returned home to eastern Canada. Songs with the expression of the face of a baby in a burning world, in the swirling dust. They hang on a theme of impermanence and destroying forces. The river is revealed to be going right through the house, the river of inevitable chaos, sorrow and love."

Check out Mount Eerie's tour dates with Doiron here. He's going all over, see him!

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Gong - Flying Teapot (Radio Gnome Invisible, Pt. 1) (1973)

Found this little gem in a record store in Chicago. I had heard the name Gong before and knew they were associated with good psych music. They are fairly weird and quirky, they remind me of some fucked up carnival where the carnies are all on acid and you are stuck forever. I guess this is the first installment of a trilogy of albums they released about "Radio Gnome".


August 21, 2008

Mount Eerie - Dawn (2008)

"“…Dawn is a 19 track unreleased album/journal/drawings collection that Elvrum recorded and compilled during a winter stay in Norway in 2002-2003. Dawn will be released as a book with a CD and on 10" white vinyl on Nov. 1st..."

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August 17, 2008

Women - Women (2008)

Women is a new band to Jagjaguwar (Okkervil River, Sunset Rubdown, Bon Iver), which will release this album on October 8th. They're a nice little Canadian noise pop band. I wouldn't call their debut a creative stand-out among records by bands who have been doing this sort of thing longer, but they have a lot of promise and a lot of energy.

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This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - Three Way Tie For A Fifth (2004)

Great folk-punk innovators from Florida. They started as a new wave band, but quickly changed their direction to folk-punk with heavy traditional country influences. They were signed with Planit-X records, a fairly prominent name in the anarcho-folk/folk-punk genre. They're real fun. This is actually the only full CD I have bought of theres. If I get more, they will be promptly be up here.

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No Idea Records site w/ bunch of merch

August 16, 2008

つしまみれ (Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re)

創造妊娠 (Pregnant Fantasy, 2004)

脳みそショートケーキ (Noumiso Shortcake, 2007)

One of the best all-girl Japanese bands. Punk and funk and pop and so much fun.

From their Myspace:
"What is Tsushimamire?? 'TsuShi' is bass player Yayoi's Second name! 'Ma' is Guitar and Vocal's Mari's 'Ma.' 'Mi' is Drum player Mizue's 'Mi.' 'MaMiRe' means 'Mix' in Japanese! 'TsuShiMaMiRe' is our original word! We try to make our original music and stage!!!"

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August 09, 2008

O'death - Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin (2008)

Will be released October 28th. I've posted an older album of theirs here.

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Expedicion a las Estrellas - 72

Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone was a huge fan of both post-rock and extreme death metal and decided that he would get his like-minded buddies together and make a band? Well, I have, and then I found these guys, and they answered all my questions. They are from Mexico, so their vocals are in spanish, which I find to be very interesting. With their list of influences including the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, A Silver Mt. Zion, Dredg, The Black Dahlia Murder, Through The Eyes of The Dead, and At The Gates, it would be hard to go wrong with these dudes. So, I bring you their EP "72". Their full length, titled "27", will be coming my way whenever they get it finished. I will gladly share it. These dudes love writing music and want nothing but for it to be heard.