August 16, 2008

つしまみれ (Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re)

創造妊娠 (Pregnant Fantasy, 2004)

脳みそショートケーキ (Noumiso Shortcake, 2007)

One of the best all-girl Japanese bands. Punk and funk and pop and so much fun.

From their Myspace:
"What is Tsushimamire?? 'TsuShi' is bass player Yayoi's Second name! 'Ma' is Guitar and Vocal's Mari's 'Ma.' 'Mi' is Drum player Mizue's 'Mi.' 'MaMiRe' means 'Mix' in Japanese! 'TsuShiMaMiRe' is our original word! We try to make our original music and stage!!!"

Preview on Myspace
Buy! (Good luck with the 日本語.)


oldahab said...

Thanks for these. I'm looking for their other albums/EPs:

Rock and Beer (2008)
Brain a la mode (2006)
Ryuketsu mohikan (2002)
American Hamburger (2000)

Does someone have these by any chance?

Anonymous said...

The links are invalid, can you fix them please? :'D <3