August 25, 2008

AIDS Wolf - Cities Of Glass (2008)

This sounds like their other stuff except a bit evil. Here's a post from their blog with pictures of the artwork for the LP, it's really gnarly.

Preview on Myspace
[Download link removed at the request of band member.]
(comes with free poster and pin!)


Gumo Ga said...

i downloaded this a while ago. i felt ashamed, so i'm gonna go out and buy this lovely album!

Patrick said...

you should. hell, I did.

Anonymous said...

could you *please* have some respect for the band and labels and not put up this record for download.

Gumo Ga said...

i like this more than lovvers.

c.deluxx said...

hey , how many times do we need to ask you to take this down?

Gumo Ga said...

chloe's right, you should take the link down. they deserve some money.

c.deluxx said...

this band has always been a money losing venture but at the very least we'd like to have *some* illusion of control on how our music is presented.

we have our own blog and if we wanted to ,we would have put it up ourselves.

i gotta say it's pretty frustrating to work so hard on something and have someone put it up for download several weeks before the release date . it's a double insult when there a line saying If you're a band/label and you want you're stuff taken down let us know" , yet i've asked 4 times now for this to be taken down and nothing.

fuck the money (ha ha ha ha , has anyone ever NOT hemorrhaged cash playing noise rock? i mean seriously?) , all i want is "fans" who have an once of respect for us and for the labels that bust ass for us.

Patrick said...

I took the link down yesterday, as soon as I saw the first comment you left on this post as c.deluxx.

The post itself is still up because I really enjoy the album, and I want people to buy it. That is why there is a link to "BUY IT!"

There is no download link in this post. No one can download your record from this blog as of yesterday afternoon because there is no link to click on and no album to download from that link.

c.deluxx said...

i dunno man , i'm sure your heart is in the right place but maybe you should consider asking bands before putting their stuff up.

claudia said...

hey, there are places were we CAN NOT AFFORD TO BUY IMPORTED MUSIC, Places where a CD from, lets say, Deerhunter, is sold on more than 30 dollars, to people who earn 8 box PER DAY in shitty jobs...
You want money for your music? Start touring the world...
I wish my poetry could sell, or my roomate's paintings, but sorry.
And well, I myself run a FREE DOWNLOAD LABEL, and I know my rooster, my designer and MY SELF are PUTTING CASH for it to work, and we DO NOT CRY around for money

Gumo Ga said...

claudia, just be nice to chloe because YOU need to stop whining. it's the band's decision to sell their albums for money.

here's some advice:
SELL YOUR LABEL'S RECORDS FOR CASH IF YOU WANT IT SO BAD! and also, stratosphering is not a label and they do not have permission to post the music on here from the bands, they are lucky that almost none of their links have been taken down. i'm not against them at all, they're cool people. just don't start up arguments like these with bands like aids wolf.

Anonymous said... up all yr box and buy records online...

Tara said...

Guys, I can't speak for the other contributers, but I'm sure they have similar opinions.

I put up albums for others to download because I truly believe it is beneficial for the artists. Many people who buy albums download the album first, to make sure their money will be spent on something they enjoy, and so that buying music doesn't have to be a risk.
We are helping build your audience. Thousands of people who might not have the money or access needed to buy your album can now listen to it. Some of these people will go on to buy your album, many won't. But more people will show up to your shows and buy your merch because we gave them access to your music.

I have great respect for all of the musicians I post here. I am doing nothing but supporting those musicians.

Anonymous said...

you're right, this is free publicity you're doing for bands most people like myself would else never have heard of - i don't get it, they're asking for respect, would it be better for them if everybody just ignored them? i'd find it flattering if everybody was talking about my band's last album even before it came out. come on, she's saying herself she doesn't expect to make money from the records sales, but hey, yesterday i didn't know these guys even existed, and next time they'll do a show near where I live i'll definitely go :)

Anonymous said...

If my taste in music was restricted to the amount of cash in my pocket at one time, my collection would be ridiculously small, and my musical knowledge very limited. I have nothing but the utmost respect for each and every artist that is on this website. That is why I use it as a means to sort of "spread the word" about a new artist I, myself, came across, or simply post up one of my all-time favorites.

I hope that when someone who frequents this site enjoys the things they download, they will go see the band live or buy some merch.

If I thought in any way that what I do doesn't help out a band, I wouldn't even think of doing it.

Gumo Ga said...

wow, this conversation has been a life-changing experience, lol.

claudia said...

Yeah, long live music, and that's about it.

c.deluxx said...

well like i said ,maybe you guys should ask those artists permission then , if it's all about spreading the word/love. don't you think that artists deserve to have a say in what they think is beneficial to them? i'm sure the word/love could be spread by posting as a track and a review and not the entire record.

call me old fashioned , or just call me old but i kinda wonder if the instant music for free makes folks just take it all for granted. but i have a very slow 10 year old computer and nothing to play mp3s on so maybe i just don't get the whole downloading thing.

i like physical objects and live interaction.

claudia , in the past year my band has played canada , france , austria , slovakia , slovenia , israel , germany , england , scottland , croatia , italy , holland , belgium and the us of a. and right now are several thousand bucks in debt. if you think heavy touring = income for a small time band , you are in for a shock. most bands on our level are lucky to break even.

that's fine and dandy you do a free download label, i'm sure you are doing this with the co-operation of the bands. that's the jist of it. consent, co-operation.

we all have day jobs and save up so we can tour and save save save so we can record albums that sound somewhat decent.

we pay for these things out of our pockets and go without many other things because we love making music and for us it's important that is it is well presented. the packaging is important and the CONTEXT is important.

it has nothing to do with money and everything to do with putting out something that is ours , without our knowledge or consent.

stratosphering seem cool though, they took it down. so thanks patrick - you're a stand up guy in my book.

sorry about being harsh , i've been working 16 hour days this week and being tired , didn't notice that you pulled down the link right away .

if you introduce yourself at our cmj show i'll give you a 7".

chloe -aids wolf

::k said...

to the above comment - those who cannot respect all that you typed should be burned. you have my respect, and I have never heard your band [only heard *of*].

Anonymous said...

although understand both sides of the file sharing argument, i think bands fail to realize that having their material posted on a blog certainly increases the amount of listeners the have, which will in turn increase the amount of people that attend their live shows. if you were to ask the people in the crowd who has actually bought an album or downloaded it off the internet i bet you that over half the people in the crowd know the band thanks to an internet blog or file sharing program. bands should make their money by touring alone, and share their music for free.

Anonymous said...

I'd buy the living hell out of this if I wasn't broke as shit right now, thank you very much, capitalism. And I was all up on throwing down cash when the band was supposed to come to Detroit two or three times and finally managed to squeeze in a 21+ show, which would be fine if that would work for me at all, in any way. I love the hell out of this band and would love to meet, chat, and do whatever with, but I just don't have the money to throw down. If it's any consolation, I've got the 7" with the nude calendar and it's great as hell.