June 21, 2008

Ponytail - Ice Cream Spiritual (2008)

Like if Ecstatic Sunshine was a full band, except ridiculous, and then got really ridiculous. Dustin Wong was actually in both bands, but left Ecstatic Sunshine to focus on Ponytail full-time. Singer Molly Siegel probably doesn't know how to speak English, or if she does, she just chooses to sing using nonsensical syllables and every odd sound that her mouth can make. This is an amazing thing.

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Capillary Action - So Embarrassing (2008)

"You've got no worries. No you don't. Panda. Into my head."

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Paul Baribeau

This man plays acoustic guitar and sings but it means so much more than what my words can convey when he sings and strains intimate portraits of his personal experience and it makes you feel okay to have similar feelings to what he sings.

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Paul Baribeau (2005)

Grand Ledge (2007)

Birthmark - The Layer (2007)

Nate Kinsella's solo album is sort of dark and like a rainy-day album, or a stuck-in-the-basement album. He plays everything. It sounds really good. He's Tim Kinsella's cousin, by the way. He plays drums in Make Believe and has probably contributed to Joan Of Arc.

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June 13, 2008

Pumice - Quo (2008)

Newly leaked album from New Zealander Stefan Neville. He describes the album as influenced by "two different accordians that [he] got for consecutive birthdays," "a $1 doo wop comp. from the warehouse," and "the parasite museum in Tokyo," among other things.

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June 09, 2008

Moving Mountains - Pneuma (2007)

"Pneuma is a collision of emo-rock glory, math-y dynamics, waves of complex melody and epic atmospherics...and it's nothing short of stunning."
Oh hey, I agree.

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Look Mexico - This Is Animal Music (2007)

Ha, I'm using press release quotes:
"This Is Animal Music gives nods to driving post-punk and complex math-rock without ever blatantly shoving it down your throat." - Chuck Daley, Beartrap PR
"Incredibly infectious and often complex songs…easily accessible without sounding generic or boring." - Wonkavision

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Owen - No Good For No One Now (2002)

If you like American Football, Joan Of Arc, whatever. Owen is Mike Kinsella, the softer-spoken brother of Tim. This is my favorite album of his.

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June 06, 2008

Eric Copeland - Hermaphrodite (2007)

Dude from Black Dice's solo record. Just as interesting as the full outfit, but more minimal, I think. Not necessarily any quieter. I'm pretty sure he's achieving sounds on this record in the same way as he does with Black Dice; samples, loops, and lots of effects. Check it out, definitely worth a listen.

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June 05, 2008

Amiina - Kurr (2007)

Icelandic quartet. Works with Sigur Rós a lot. They contributed strings to most of the tracks on () and one track on Takk...

"Theirs is a minimalist style incorporating contemporary classical viol parts, ambient electronic loops, and metallophones."

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June 04, 2008

Animal Collective, Part 2: Other

I've only included what I think is really awesome, minus a live set that was too big for mediafire. For everything else you could possibly want, in terms of non-album tracks and live stuff, this guy has pretty much got you covered.

Prospect Hummer EP (2005) - Wikipedia

Peacebone EP (2007) - Wikipedia
(my link is missing the album version of Peacebone, no big loss.)

Other Music Live (8/16/04)
This is an acoustic set from the record store Other Music, in NYC.

1. Warmup Song (0:48)
2. Happy Singing Band (5:32)
3. Untitled (4:46)
4. Lablakely Dress (4:27)
5. On a Plain (5:34)
6. Covered in Frogs (4:32)
7. Winter’s Love (3:21)
8. Baby Day (3:19)
9. I Remember Learning How to Dive (2:22)

Animal Collective, Part 1

Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished (2000)

Mostly written by Avey Tare. Panda Bear played drums. It was originally released under both of their names. There is a considerable amount of straightforward and poppy songwriting on this album, which is something that would largely disappear for Danse Manatee, and slowly come back in subsequent records.

Danse Manatee (2001)

The noisier second album was their first with Geologist. According to Wikipedia: "At the time of recording, the band was into extreme frequencies. Their goal was to experiment with intense high and low sounds and how they occupied space in the room and moved around in the listener's head."

Hollinndagain (2002)

Wikipedia says: "Hollinndagain is a collection of live, mostly non-album material from around the time of the band's second album, Danse Manatee. The first three songs were recorded during a performance on New Jersey radio station WFMU; the final four were culled from live shows in New York, Nashville and Austin with Black Dice in the summer of 2001."

Campfire Songs (2003)

Wikipedia says: "The album is comprised of five individual songs played back-to-back and recorded in one take. The recording was made on a screen porch in Maryland using three Sony MiniDisc players with Sony ECM-MS907 microphones placed strategically around the band. Ambient sound from the surrounding area was also captured and added later." This was their first album with Deakin.

Here Comes The Indian (2003)

This was the first album to actually be released under the name Animal Collective, as well as being the first of their albums on which all four members appear.

June 01, 2008

The Love Of Everything - Superior Mold And Die (2006)

Bobby Burg's most recent full length album. You may know him from his work with Joan Of Arc (on tour with them right about now), or as the bassist for Make Believe. Keep in mind, he's not Tim Kinsella, and this music is a whole different place. I guess you could call it the back of the classroom, or in the sandbox with a coloring book, but with a bottle of liquor. Even when he's not hitting the "right" notes, he's hitting the best wrong ones. Every (intentional?) mistake is just a part of Bobby Burg wanting to be your friend.

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