June 04, 2008

Animal Collective, Part 2: Other

I've only included what I think is really awesome, minus a live set that was too big for mediafire. For everything else you could possibly want, in terms of non-album tracks and live stuff, this guy has pretty much got you covered.

Prospect Hummer EP (2005) - Wikipedia

Peacebone EP (2007) - Wikipedia
(my link is missing the album version of Peacebone, no big loss.)

Other Music Live (8/16/04)
This is an acoustic set from the record store Other Music, in NYC.

1. Warmup Song (0:48)
2. Happy Singing Band (5:32)
3. Untitled (4:46)
4. Lablakely Dress (4:27)
5. On a Plain (5:34)
6. Covered in Frogs (4:32)
7. Winter’s Love (3:21)
8. Baby Day (3:19)
9. I Remember Learning How to Dive (2:22)

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