June 01, 2008

The Love Of Everything - Superior Mold And Die (2006)

Bobby Burg's most recent full length album. You may know him from his work with Joan Of Arc (on tour with them right about now), or as the bassist for Make Believe. Keep in mind, he's not Tim Kinsella, and this music is a whole different place. I guess you could call it the back of the classroom, or in the sandbox with a coloring book, but with a bottle of liquor. Even when he's not hitting the "right" notes, he's hitting the best wrong ones. Every (intentional?) mistake is just a part of Bobby Burg wanting to be your friend.

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Justin said...

hey could you repost some of this stuff? its so good and i can't find it anywhere...

blake said...

please re-post!! I've looked everywhere as well!!

Anonymous said...

please re-post ;o

Antoine Le Batard De L'Est said...

please repost the records ! you're the only one who have post them !

Blake said...


Superior Mold and Die

Good luck finding the others!

Pepi said...

please re-post
this albums

piano. bedroom. florida (2001)

friENDS (2002)

Total Eclipse Of The Heart (2004)

=( the links died