October 11, 2010

High Wolf

High Wolf's fractal psychedelics evoke the infinite geometry that can be perceived anywhere in the natural world, if you look close enough. Traverse the path into the forest. It is damp from a recent shower. Drops of water rest on a leaf, magnifying its skin. You observe the distinct pattern of its venation. You imagine sucrose pumping like blood, tucked under the microscopic layers of what can be seen. Or is the blood below also visible? Or haven't you seen it before, where your own inner arm bends? It is true that the same basic elements compose organic compounds which act as fuel for both lives. You suddenly notice you have been leaning gradually closer to the leaf, and you feel an inexplicable compulsion to lick away its beaded coat. The urge quickly subsides, almost as if the plant has commanded it. You realize you are already connected to this creature, and its energy, as it senses your proximity, amplifies the bond. The particles that give you shape are rearranged in the plant -- and, indeed, in all things -- to trigger unique dynamic structures. The leaf is a symbol of the natural world that surrounds you. It is a pattern repeating, but it is also alive, its adaptations infinitesimal, undetectable.

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High Wolf
(2009, Winged Sun)

(2009, Winged Sun)

(2010, Not Not Fun) -nml-


* * e d o * * said...

awesom - i only had ascension. looking forward to the other two, thanks man!

Music for Songwriters said...

great art! i really respect people who knows what they are talking about...good job!..

Anonymous said...

But what does it SOUND like, douchebag?

i just love stuff. said...

sounds like a friendlier set of black dice, kind anonymous sir.

thank you for your blog. i check it every couple months or so and i always find an album or two to set me on a new musical course for a while. keep up the good work plz :)

Anonymous said...

fractals are awesome