October 27, 2009

New: Om, Russian Circles, Between The Buried and Me

Russian Circles - Geneva

I have been a fan of Russian Circles for some time now. Their new album is, to me, their best. They do a wonderful job of blending textbook post-rock melodies with intense guitar work that is reminiscent of fellow Chicago band Pelican. This album starts out strong with some shorter tracks and ends with a few epics that delve into the realm of prog.


Om - God is Good

If you don't know about Om, and don't feel like opening up a new tab to look at their Wiki, they are a duo that formed as a result of the disbanding of Sleep. They play some good Doom Metal. While I definitely prefer 2007's "Pilgrimage" to this new release of theirs it is still fairly solid. I may post Pilgrimage sometime in the near future.


Between The Buried and Me - The Great Misdirect

I'm sure this band needs no introductions. You either love them for what they bring to the table, or hate them for it. Just know this, if you loved 2007's "Colors", you will dig the fuck out of this.



Patrick said...

you are a wonderful man

Anonymous said...

A wonderful man who is in league with other wonderful men.

dgen said...

thank you for this. loved colors.. cant wait to hear this!