October 15, 2009

Good Luck, Wrugs.

Yes, as Patrick has said, college is realllllllly busy. I have been meaning to share some music for a while now, and even though I do have quite a few midterms to study for, I have decided to post up some links for your listening pleasure. I was also a tiny bit influenced by Patrick's stellar post. Just a tiny bit.....

Good Luck - Into Lake Griffy - (MYSPACE W/ BUY LINKS)
Speaking of college, this band was the headliner for my first show I attended during my first week here in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana. They hail from said town, and drew a huge crowd of locals. The show was energetic, fun, and really set the mood for what I hope is going to be a great experience schooling here. Their music is great, heartfelt pop-punk with lyrics that just make you want to chill on your stoop with your good friends, listen to some good music, and take out a dirty thirty of whatever is cheapest.

Wrugs - Pass The Time Please - (MYSPACE)
Wrugs is a band from Chicago. They sent me their Braided Gas EP a while back and I enjoyed what I heard. This EP is no different, still some good psych-folk coming from this project.

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