February 23, 2010


Have One On Me (VBR)

Beauty. This describes both Joanna Newsom and her music. This 3xLP is the most accessible thing she has ever done, but that should in no way make you think she has lost her edge. Just check out that fucking regal album cover.

Drag City


Anonymous said...

thanks for the post a bunch man.
fyi the title track (1-02) is corrupt

OldaBrotha said...

thanks for the post!

does anyone know if the LP comes with an mp3 download code?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, is anyone else getting the problem with the corrupt file? I just checked and it seems fine to me. If someone else says something, I will go ahead and re-upload, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

i tried it twice and it happened both times, i was able to find it elsewhere and they all worked, it's all good on my end, thanks though mate.

Anonymous said...

track 1-02 is corrupt, i tried unzipping with two different programs, to no avail. could you kindly re-up just this track on its own? thanks!

Anonymous said...

I re-upped it. Hope it works now, let me know if there are any further problems.