February 26, 2010


The Heart of the Nightlife (2010)

Hi. Most of the reason I don't post anymore is because I don't really care about writing about albums, these days. Sorry. But some user of a certain torrent site has done it for me this time:

"It's like if Alan Palomo laid down a track and got Jens to sing over it."

So we're already defining new bands in terms of Neon Indian? Oh. Alright.

I really just want this to actually be Jens Lekman's secret attempt to ride the beach/surf/chill wave wave.



Judson said...

this album is great. I am a fan of ur blog. I am glad you decided to post this. dude really does sound like Jens.

Patrick said...

Tara I am so happy to see you post. Thnx 4 this