February 06, 2010

Clara Clara - AA

Clara Clara - AA (2007)

This is a band that I listened to a lot a few years ago although I only had a few songs. I waited for them to release an album and I guess I forgot about that after a little while. I checked up on them recently and purchased their full length from 2007. It's a really fun 3 piece of some peeps from france. Sounds kinda like a mix between kickball and lightning bolt. lots of cool bass riffs and catchy drummings with keyboards and sometimes some shouted vocals. One of my biggest regrets is missing them when they played with kickball a few years ago :'(


Geoff said...

the kickball/clara clara show i went to was incredible. i got one of their tour eps, but hadn't heard of anything else from them. thanks!

Julien Clapping Music said...

hey! new album out march 10 on Clapping Music.
you can listen to two tracks on http://www.clappingmusic.com

Mathieu FERRAND said...

Good post; good band.

If you want their earlier release, just let me know.