February 25, 2010

Farms/Panda Teeth

Farms/Panda Teeth Split

Download it from Farms' website if the link above doesn't work.
While you're there, get their first EP, it's killer as well.

Farms: Myspace // Last.fm
Panda Teeth: Myspace // Last.fm

A split where neither band overshadows the other is hard to come by. This album fits the bill, due in part to the consistent atmosphere and energy over the course of the four songs that both bands contribute. Vacation Dad's main band, Farms, sounds like Animal Collective's live show circa Feels, but with some math-rock elements thrown in (I'm hesitant to attribute a phrase like "Battles-esque precision", but the influence is definitely there). Panda Teeth is in a noisy electronic realm of tribal rhythms and epic 8-bit synths. Kinda sounds like Street Horrrsing or Broken Ear Record. I'm pretty sure both bands are coming out with new full-lengths this year (check out their myspaces for tracks that'll be on them). If this split is an indication, they won't have any trouble getting your attention.


population_control said...

god damn i gotta get this based on your description alone.

Anonymous said...


I believe you can download it for free.

M. Ferrand said...

Damn great. Thanks.

Patrick said...

It's true, you can download it on their website for free. As long as you're listening to the music, I don't care where you get it from.

On another note, you guys are consistently slacking on letting me know when a link stops working. C'mon.