February 07, 2010

Vacation Dad

Vacation Dad EP

Post-noise side project from the drummer of Farms, a band I just fell in love with even though I still haven't found anything besides the songs on their myspace.

This EP is rife with jagged guitars colliding delays and looping into sunrise mirrors and fuzzy jumbles of jungle feathers tickling your bare feet but actually you are in a suburban backyard playing in the sand that spilled out of your sandbox and maybe five years later you're on your back looking at some vast blue expanse and your little brother pours a handful of it in your eye and it stings but you were supposed to be watching him anyway. Those clouds were totally distracting.

My point is, pay attention to this. It floats in an as-yet-undefined space between High Wolf and Ecstatic Sunshine and Peaking Lights and Julian Lynch and you'll love it, I know you will.

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mitchell said...

yeah vacation dad!