March 03, 2010

Pink Houses

Pink Houses (2010)

Pink Houses are a punk band from Bloomington, Indiana. This is their debut full length. I first witnessed them in a dank, dark basement one Saturday night in Bloomington, which I can honestly say is the best way to experience what they bring to the table. Ryan Woods (of Defiance, Ohio notoriety) plays a distorted bass that provides the framework for David McGrath's frantic drums and Jared Estridge's dirty guitar work. The whole album flows very well and will have you jumping around and destroying things before you realize what happened. Highlights on the album are definitely the opener, "A Shame", and "Again At The End", which is reminiscent of Black Sabbath and shows that there is more here than some textbook punk rock. If you dig what you hear, buy it! These dudes deserve it.


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fredwasright said...

I gotta say this album is really great, thanks!