March 15, 2010

Internet radio 2nite, y'all

I'll be a guest on my good buddy Hillary Anderson's radio show tonight. I'll be speaking a few words in the English language and playing a few songs that are audible to the human ear. It starts at 8PM and you should CLICK HERE around that time if you want to tune in and hear wonderful things.

UPDATE: Well, that was fun! Download the whole thing here.

It's a little under an hour. The playlist is like this:

WHY? - January Twenty Something
Woods - Down This Road
Pill Wonder - Gone to the Market (guest dj track)
Beach Fossils - Daydream
Arrah and the Ferns - Apple for Evan
Cap'n Jazz - No Use for an Opinion
Anisette - Tuesday Night Turtles (guest dj track)
Fredrik - Alina's Place
Twin Sister - Lady Daydream
Eric Copeland - Fun Dink Death (guest dj track)
M83 - Teen Angst

And there's all kinds of awkward banter in between. Enjoy.

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