March 25, 2010

red sparowes

The Fear is Excruciating, But Therein Lies the Answer

ok so yes, red sparowes can't spell. and yes, their album title does strike me as kindof lame. but don't worry, these guys can create some truly brutal, backbreaking walls of sound. it always weirds me out that the only people i see at their shows are filthy, long-haired, pimply metal-types.

why is this? can anyone explain? they sound nothing like slayer, i swear!

i guess i "understand" why they're not more popular... kids would rather suffer through shitty, my-american-heart-esque singing while waiting for some cliche, 15-second breakdown than listen to the builds and swells of a song that actually requires technical skill.

whew sorry that came out so bitter. might have something to do with being woken up by my friends listening to iwrestledabearonce at 5am. almost took my own life. anyway, at least listen to the last track. it's breathtaking.


Anthony said...

the reason they attract metal types is because all members of this band are in much bigger metal bands.

GINAR said...

nah i don't mean metal types in general... i just mean gross "iluvhottopic" types.

Juandiego said...

<3I Hate IWABO. They're A Joke.
But Not You, Cause You Posted That Orchidectomy Album Way Back When.

icastico said...


mumblings said...

thanks, this is fucking rad