March 09, 2010



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I'm baffled -- a band whose last effort was my favorite album the year I graduated high school releasing an album four years later that still manages to fracture my skull with a jackhammer? Color me brain-damaged. (On second thought, I am still in college...)

If you loved Hell Songs, you'll love this record. Pummels just as hard and convulses just as violently. A few BPM are lost, but what you may miss in speed is definitely made up for in density. I'm bummed that they've broken up just as this is being released, but Daughters has never been a stable band, in personality or in composition -- they were more the talented and proficient do-whatever-the-fuck-we-want type. So maybe it's fitting for them to end before they lose that edge. Pretty sure Daughters will be remembered as one of those bands that was the best contemporary they had in a genre with few decent contemporaries to be had. Cheers, pricks.


khfreek said...

Hadn't heard of these guys before now, but as soon as I read Kayo Dot helped them release an album I was begging for it. I'm looking forward to this!

Sean said...

daughters continues to be one of my favorite bands. I've seen them a handful of times and every time just destroyed me. and of course Alexis was drunk and of course he got nearly naked and of course he made out with a girl in the crowd on the floor. if he didn't do these things it wouldn't have been a true daughters show. pretty wrecked that they're done.

population_control said...

it started and stopped with canada songs for me.