April 23, 2010

2nd Mix


(photo by Brenna)

(click for tracklisting)

Started pulling together this volume a little over a week ago, when I was in an unexpected noise-rock nostalgia phase for a few days. It continued to take shape when that phase had evolved into a math-rock craving for another few days. So I guess I consider early math and noise rock bands to be the primary inspiration for this mix (a "central theme", maybe), even though it eventually expanded to include a somewhat wider array of tunes. Including a few from bands I just started listening to as a result of their connections to the establishment of those subgenres, and a few tracks from bands that represent how this kind of music has been shaped over time by the direct and indirect influence of those early bands. And a few bands who might be unrelated or whose placement here might be for personal reasons. It's debatable. Whatever. Enjoy.


Will said...

Haven't listened yet, but the track listing looks amazing. Thanks!

OldaBrotha said...

mixtaping is the art of master procrastinators! thanks for putting school behind for the sake of music!
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