April 29, 2010


Emeralds - Does It Look Like I'm Here? (2010)

A band that never seems to fail no matter what title they want to give themselves. The new Emeralds album, their 3rd LP, appears somewhat different upon first look. It has 12 amazing tracks, most of which are around minutes in length. This one is a total mindfuck and perhaps their most wide-spread range and use of sounds. The last track is kinda messed up right now but it's the only rip out there that I know of, I'll try and get a better one ASAP.


Johnny said...

amazing. their best stuff yet

Anonymous said...

like whoa

Sérgio Silva said...

Thanks! Huge Emeralds fan!

Patrick said...


chrisromain said...

Wow, awesome, thanks for showing these guys!! Never heard them before :D

Anonymous said...

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