April 08, 2010

Change Leopardon

Imperfect Bushes/Coral Empyrean

One of my best friends (you might remember him) just happens to be a pretty talented songwriter. This is his first release under a new moniker. On these two songs, he kinda eschews categorization -- they vaguely recall his earlier electronic shoegaze, but they also sound way more like eastern-influenced psychedelic drone. If that wasn't good enough, he somehow finds room to incorporate vocal hooks that fall somewhere between Washed Out and Raccoo-oo-oon.

I've heard the demos for his upcoming EP (one of them is on his myspace), and it doesn't feel like an overstatement to say that if these songs don't do it for you, you might be in for a surprise when you hear some of his other stuff. Stay tuned.

Myspace // Last.fm

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