April 08, 2010

Kites Sail High (EP 2)

Secrets :: megaupload // mediafire

No excuse not to get this if you dig Teebs, RxRy, dreaming on beaches, hallucinating underwater, or playing Super Nintendo (perhaps specifically Donkey Kong Country) in a secluded cabin miles away from anyone. Start out with his first EP, if you haven't yet. The progression from there to here is evident -- I don't know if it's just me, but I get the sense that he's more comfortable now, taking interesting tonal detours and rhythmic risks on tracks like "Miracle" and "Dancing Sprinklers".

The new EP's closer, "Always," which evokes a cross between "Since I Left You" and a relaxed version of Teengirl Fantasy's "Love Don't Live Here," is streaming on his myspace now. Both EPs will be released on a split 12" by the dreamboats that comprise LIFE'S BLOOD in May, and I'm totally picking it up.

Myspace // Last.fm


ndrw said...

file it temporarily not available

sam farzin said...

both eps are going to be released as a split 12" on LIFE'S BLOOD

Patrick said...

NDRW - I noticed a lot of megaupload links were doing that. keep checking, it should show up. otherwise, there's a mediafire link on his myspace.

Sam Farzin - that's great news! I'll edit the post with a link.

sam said...

thanks, dude!