April 09, 2010

1st Mix!


(photo by S. Faitell)

This is a big deal for me -- the first mix I've created for Stratosphering, and the first that I've ever compiled for "public consumption." A lot of thought went into this; I've been tweaking it consistently throughout the past three weeks. I'm just glad to finally be able to share it with you. And if it ends up being a "success" (or even if it doesn't), I'll probably be making more mixes in the future.

The idea to make this mix happened to coincide with my discovery of Awesome Tapes From Africa, so a few tracks from that blog are here. I'm also indebted to the recommendations of All, Everyone, United, Collected Animals, and several good friends.

Read on for the tracklisting, including the last-minute addition of "Window View," that corrupted track from my Beach Fossils link (and, incidentally, my current favorite song on the album). I've also tried to make things easier for you by including (mostly other people's) download links to full albums, where applicable/possible. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the mix.

#. "Song" - Artist (Album)
1. "Cruiser" - Edibles (Super Space/Mind Peace)
2. "Ka Na Wu" - Snr Eddie Donkor (Eye Banker)
3. "Send Me Dub" - King Tubby (Explosive Dub)
4. "Trapez" - Black To Comm (Alphabet 1968)
5. "Come On Let's Go" - Broadcast (The Noise Made By People)
6. "Reaching" - Boas (Boas)
7. "Spring Break" - Atlas Sound (Another Bedroom EP)
8. "Highlight" - Growing (Pumps!)
9. "Latin Lover" - Mi Ami (Steal Your Face)
10. "That's Not Me" - Junk Culture (West Coast)
11. "You're My Excuse To Travel" - Baths (Cerulean)
12. "Splitted" - Illteeno
13. "West" - Endless Endless Endless (Things I Saw)
14. "The Bublight" - Joe Meek & The Blue Men (I Hear A New World)
15. "Winter Is Here" - Dirty Projectors (The Glad Fact)
16. "Moussa" - Sourakata Koite (Sourakata Koite)
17. "Transparent Popsicle" - Orchard Thief (Melt Day)
18. "Window View" - Beach Fossils (Beach Fossils)


Marmar said...


Tyler Newbold said...

supergreat, much love

Anonymous said...

love that orchard thief


__ said...

awww good job, patrick. ive been thinking about doing something like this for a long time but i'm way too lazy

j said...

Nice work! I know how much work and fixation goes into making a good mix. I love the shit you post over here, so i can't wait to hear it all strung together!

OldaBrotha said...

good job!
loving every seconds of it