April 03, 2010

Many Mansions

I have no links for you in this post but it's a good thing, i promise. I found this dude a few months ago and got into him really easy, I come back every couple weeks and his stuff is still awesome. On top of all that i was lookin around on his last.fm page and you can download a bunch of his stuff for free, which means he's a cool guy. this stuff is kinda like tropical african jams with some ambient drones and really cool vocal harmonies.

Make sure to grab his latest full length release:

Return to Source

Another full length release, it's more acoustic guitar stuff and it sounds like it would be his earlier release of the two:


some more stuff:

The Dream is Changing

Compilation 2 - New Weird American

Spirit Songs EP

Beyond Realms of Ecstatic Revelation

1 comment:

C. Leepy said...

Great stuff!
My roommate and I are toughing out the rest of the year with Return to Source. Thanks