April 04, 2010

Gauntlet Hair

(link contains all three songs from their myspace)

I'm too in love not to post this. If you haven't heard this band via GvB or P4K yet, you're in for a surprise. Listen to the track "I Was Thinking..." via everyone's fav bilingual blog or on their myspace (link below). When I posted it on my tumblr earlier, I described it as "a snowball made of sunlight and wrapped in glass, floating in a hall of reverb. It probably also has a Cadbury Creme center, for all I know."

The story so far is that they apparently played Todd P's MtyMx festival and blew a lot of people away. They sound like a cross between Japandroids and Band Of Horses. No one knows much about them, except they're two dudes from Colorado and they're apparently writing their debut right now.

Myspace // Last.fm

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Anonymous said...

God I was in that Festival, and I'm very confused right now, I don't remember this band, but they do sound amazing. You know, that was a very confusig festival, also this band called Total Abuse played, and did blow us away with they're slowcore jams, but in the internet all the music aviable from them sounds so hardcore...
weird. Do you know what day and what time did this guys played???