January 17, 2010

Panda Bear Live @ HAU2 1/15/10

I haven't listened to this yet but Collected Animals is informing me that it's about 90% brand new material. How exciting! The tracklisting is pretty much entirely untitled with the exception of Daily Routine and a track he played at ATP (go here for that bootleg) that people are calling "Surfer's Hymn". Also notable: he plays guitar on quite a few of these. So, wow. Yeah. Endless praise is owed to Raminton for recording this, and to Collected Animals user jonisaok for splitting it.


Barbapapa said...

saw him live at Leuven, he played daily routine and new songs, it was awesome


John Warlick said...

well, shit. i have nothing to say about this that isn't hyperbolic praise. the new album is going to kill people

Ramin Ton said...

Youre welcome!