January 10, 2010

Friends (fun listen tunes! awesome forever melody!)

I am posting these albums of my own accord. I was not approached with a request like, "Hey, dude... I read your blog, and, you can, like, totally post my stuff, right?" Nah, bro. I won't do that. But I totes will if I genuinely dig it, and that is certainly the case with the following dudes I won't hesitate to affectionately refer to as "bros."

Cameron Wisch
+++ Myspace EDIT: he just put a brand new track up. listen 2 it

He plays drums for a ridic math-rock band called Zona Mexicana. He also does solo stuff, hey wow! This link contains both of his releases, Edge City (2008) and Flower Wars (2009). The first one is more free jazz and chill electronic experiments. The second is closer to something his main band would release; just as energetic, but way more fun. Recommended for fans of Tera Melos, Hella, Algernon Cadwallader, all those other ones.

Anders Nils - Bottom Trawlings
+++ Myspace

Really sweet ambient/electronic EP. Mostly synth, a few songs with guitar and a few with vocals. Swooshy, pretty, post-rock influenced. Recommended for fans of Grouper, Atlas Sound, anything ambient/electronic I've ever posted.

+++ Myspace

You remember Tofu Delux? I had no idea at the time, but I actually had just met one of the members. His name is Jake and this is his solo thing. Or at least it was; the three tracks on his myspace right now feature a drummer, and they're more math/jazz oriented, and more rough around the edges. These two EPs, on the other hand, might remind you of Inverness or softer Deerhunter songs with hints of jazzy Dave Longstreth-esque guitar flourishes, especially on the more recent EP, NoBeat One.

Twin Sister
+++ Myspace

While I'm at it, I might as well hop on this train -- I'm not friends with them, but they did go to my school, and as a result most of my friends are in love with them. Rightly so, it turns out. I gave their EP another listen about a month ago and was converted. And now, they're being blogged about on Chocolate Bobka and Pitchfork, holy shit. So, yeah, good job Twin Sister. You deserve it.


phil kentucky said...

no link for twin sister?

Patrick said...

There is! They're giving away the EP (and a ton of other random songs) for free on their website. That's what I linked to. No mediafire necessary. Everything's on their server.