January 12, 2010


EDIT: New link as of 1/27/10

I've been listening to this a lot lately. It was posted on BUTTERxFACE, my fav lady-run blog, a few days ago, and it totally deserves your attention. I'll let "Dee" tell y'all what's what:

imagine the textural washes of neo hip hop bangers (teebs, fly lo, etc) mixed with minimal techno nod (the field, gold panda) the compressor squash of "chillwave" (toro y moi) flushed like a tampon by the warm ambience of keyboard pads (belong, stars of the lid) and a little bit of MWPP sampler gurgle. That is getting close. Some of these songs sound like they should be in european car commercials.


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bodo said...

hm i have a funny feeling about this sllbllss grp...