January 25, 2010


Cloud - Elephant Era (2010)

Firefly - Above And Beyond (2009)

Glass Frog & Sonoak - Watkins Glen Split (2010)

The first album I posted is one of my close friends, Tyler, who I also play with in a band, but this is his solo project and he just finished his first full length album. He plays keyboard and drums and sings, usually at the same time ;) nice beats that make everybody bounce!

The next one I posted is his cousin, Dillon, who actually wrote and recorded most these songs a while ago but then recently changed the names and order and added some new ones and re-released the album with a new name. It's pretty ambient, some psychedelic noise type stuff. I'm really into it, check it out if you like that kinda stuff.

The last one I posted is something another one of my closest friends, Greg (who also plays in the band with us), has been working on for a little while. He's been writing these songs over the past year or two almost I wanna say and just recorded them over the winter break while he was home from school. He recorded 6 songs total for the split and then I recorded 3 songs that I kinda wrote recently, I've been working on this side project a little bit and this is the first stuff I've actually recorded for it. His stuff is acoustic guitar and singing mostly, fun songs and slower songs, but good songs all around. And then my songs are weaved in between his as these kinda noisey ambient breaks.


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