January 04, 2010


Ossining - Ossining (2009)

Definitely one of my favorite tapes of 2009. Ossining is a project between Brad Rose (The North Sea, Ajilvsga, Alligator Crystal Moth, etc.) and Kevin Danchisko (Sovetskaya Gone). Forgot where I originally downloaded this from but I'm thinkin about buying a copy of the tape since there were only 70 made and I guess it's pretty fortunate that their still on sale. Released by the digitalis label which is run by Brad Rose himself I'm pretty sure. Anyway, this tape is pretty much one of the most essential and perfect drone compositions I have ever heard. This one definitely stands out among others. It's always stuck in my head and every time i listen to it it still surprises me. Enjoy! I'm gonna check out some of this dudes other side-projects now, hopefully I can find some good stuff.

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Technolustmaxx said...

I'll check this out.

I'll also check out Drive Like Jehu, because I've read so much about them without ever paying any attention. It seems conceptually unfair.