January 03, 2010

Drive Like Jehu

Drive Like Jehu were from San Diego. They were the first attempt that John Reis (Rocket From The Crypt! and Hot Snakes) took at making music. I prefer Drive Like Jehu to his other more notable projects. I love the sound they have. It's sludgy, almost akin to Melvins, but has a math-rock and post-hardcore feel to it, too. Some of their riffs almost remind me of Dinosaur Jr. as well. Check them out.

Drive Like Jehu (1991)

Yank Crime (1994)


Nick said...

Actually they were in a band before DLJ, called Pitchfork.


Good post though.

Anonymous said...

Well, shit. Thanks, duuuude.


woah i almost just posted some of this, creeppy

toposheet said...

saw this band in spring 1992 with 11 others at the Royal Albert Hotel in Winnipeg...one of my most cherished moment with music. thanks for the post.

veganjay@hotmail.com said...

I was one of the 11 at that show. Woot. Was a Monday night, wasn't it ?