November 08, 2009

Panda Bear: Live @ ATP

This is a link to a rip of Panda Bear's live set this past September, when he performed at All Tomorrow's Parties. It was pretty much his only solo show this year, I think? It was broadcast by WFMU (there are some significant glitchy sounds in parts, but overall it remains tolerable), recorded to a computer and then split, tagged, and EQ'd by Collected Animals user Maxwell Hell. I can't believe I haven't posted this yet, because it's quite amazing -- better than the other live bootleg I posted a while ago. It's a totally different set of songs as well, including his "remix" (which is actually more of a rewrite) of The Notwist's single, "Boneless", as well as "Ponytail" and "I'm Not" (two songs he didn't perform on his last tour) and two new songs. And a reworked version of Chores, with an intro that some speculate may represent the vocal melody that will be on "I Think I Can", the last track on Animal Collective's upcoming EP, Fall Be Kind. Have I given you enough incentive to download this yet?


greg salwen said...

pretty much my favorite live rip of any panda recordings, absolutely perfect the whole way through and the songs he picked to play are amazing, did you get to see this live? we went the day after cause when we bought the tix he was set to play with AC

this is greg btw, i'm friends with konrad/ty and met you a few times at some shows like free nodeachunter

ps. realllly digging this blog, everything's sweeeet

Ray said...

i was here. What an experience. Highly recommended download