November 07, 2009

Endless Endless Endless

"Our band is a post-noise duo that plays guitar and gameboyDS."

Try looking into those eyes and telling me you don't want to jam on a DS with those dudes.

Here are two of their sweet albums. Reminds me of early Black Dice mixed with newer Black Dice but also Wet Hair and other Not Not Fun Records psych/drone/noise. Also sounds like if the apocalypse was friendly and ice cream was milk churned until the infinite black parts of the internet where the data is stored were suddenly visible and tasty. Imagine that melting from a sugar cone onto your lap in the summer? Kinda blows the mind.

Black Talisman (2009)
- Buy it!

Sprawl (2008)


Anonymous said...

I am so happy I started looking back at older posts and found these fellows. I would love to do nothing but jam with these guys.

Anonymous said...

gameboy ds?! D: