November 15, 2009

Smelly Magic

The 2nd Combing

BUY IT! -- Cassette or CDr, seven and eight dollars respectively. Either way, it comes with a free 11x17 poster. Really, you can't go wrong when a free poster is involved.

"Smelly Magic is a trio. Matt Wenzel (dj wisconsin, the good old fashioned sinners), Jared Meyer (painted snake, rad vibes, m. pyres), and Matthew Sage (m. pyres, tables & chairs) take an expansive journey behind a 1/4" 8track tape machine. Focused around two large movements, this record was recorded, dubbed, overdubbed and finished in the month of September. With a sound and fidelity stretching far beyond their first recording -- "the Prim Encounter" -- Smelly Magic reaches into the pockets of noise, jazz, krautrock, postrock, ambient and tribal music to find a good hairy nugget of soul for you to suck on."

Perfect for people who miss Raccoo-oo-oon and Jackie-O Motherfucker but also like their noisy psych-rock to have a little fun.

The Prim Encounter

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