November 03, 2009

Thee Oh Sees

This is a band I have not been able to stop listening to lately. I'm pretty sure it started as a solo-side project of John Dwyer (Pink and Brown, Burmese, Coachwhips) and is now a 4-piece. They've also had a few name changes along the way. The sound is kinda low fi rockabilly but also lots of high energy fun stuff. Really fun to see live, definitely check em out if you get the chance. If you've never heard these guys before I'd say your best bet is to start with the album "Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion". It's an album of all live field recordings in lots of cool outdoor locations and it's compiled of songs that could be called their greatest hits of that era. Next, move on to one of their newer albums released in early 2009, titled "Help". Both of these albums are flawless, every track is a winner. And lastly, I'm giving you guys a link to check out their newest full releases and it's called Dog Poison.

Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion


Dog Poison


Michael said...

great post. great first album. but you really need to add The Masters Bedroom Is Worth Spending the Night In. Their first and best. It's a perfect album if you ask me.

GINAR said...

ah agreed. i have it, if anyone needs it.

Anonymous said...

Help is down, I think? Other than that, thanks! I am grabbing the other two.

HiImKonrad said...

i upped a new Help link. should work now. also, i have the masters bedroom too if you want me to make a new post with that and some of their older albums too, i have a bunch of their "rare" stuff

Anonymous said...

yes more and rare - please!