September 06, 2009


More to come? Depends on campus upload times.

Stag Hare - Black Medicine Music - dream psych jungle.
Volcano Choir - Unmap - i'm not a fan of Bon Iver. this, however, is sweet. <--(dead link)
Wet Hair - Glass Fountain - gurgle organ synth with drum and wild vox.
White Denim - Fits - summer funk. sleepy blues.
Why? - Eskimo Snow - more orchestral and melodic than prior ventures. my favorite why? album.
Circulatory System - Signal Morning - fuzzy psych-pop perfection.
Lightning Bolt - Earthly Delights - frantic drums, pummel bass, meganoise, melt your face.
Atlas Sound - Logos - you know.
Bygones - by- - Zach Hill + Nick Reinhart (Tera Melos) = Techthrashmathlove.
Cold Cave - Love Comes Close - dark synth electro from Wes Eisold.


Sam said...

YOU'RE NOT DEAD!!!!!!!! :D

So was it just some troll fucker who posted that in the chat box?!?!?

By the way, this post ROCKS. I didn't even know the new Why? album or the new Lightning Bolt leaked.

population_control said...


big ups for the new lightning bolt and bygones!!!