July 22, 2009

Ari Ari - There's A New Sheriff In Town (2005)

Let me take you to the past. This is a past where I, at age 15, had no idea what noise rock was. I was attending my first local show. I was dressed in my best punk rock attire and ready to mosh to anything that sounded fast. I was dismayed when I saw this band take the stage. They all looked like anything but intense. Their singer was a frail looking girl, their guitarist had a pompadour-esque haircut and was wearing a dress shirt, and their bassist was non-existent but replaced by a keyboard. "BLASPHEMY!" was all I was thinking in my naive punk-rock filled head. However, as soon as their first static-ridden crunchy notes began pouring from the amplifier aided by the shrill cut-out screams of their attractive vocalist, I jumped out of my seat and became a fan of noise rock. I didn't know it at the time, of course. I had no idea exactly what to call the band I was listening to, all I knew is I loved it. I picked up a free sampler from their booth after the show which contained one of their songs, a song that has remained on my hard drive since that night. I have constantly searched for the EP that song came off of and have never been able to find it. Today, I finally found it for sale as a digital download. So, I purchased it, and now I want nothing more than to share this band with you. The old members are all still in bands, I guess. I haven't heard anything by them, though. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

this is great! it helps to have been a fan of this type of music when it was most popular, but awesome nonetheless

population_control said...

wheeeere's the tuuuuuuunes???