July 07, 2009

New Post

I really suck at this lately.


Upcoming posts may include albums recorded by the following artists:


GINAR said...

dang where have you guys been?
getting behind.... :c

Anonymous said...

Dude, post the new Mt. Eerie, I have heard great things, mainly that they are calling it a black metal album.

Post said...

This used to be my favorite blog... not anymore! Tired of seeing shitty updates once every TWO weeks.

Anonymous said...

why do you hate us?

Patrick said...


sry 4 havin a lyf d00ds :(

seriously though, i do regret that the blog has become as inactive as it has become. but it is what it is.

C said...

I don´t think that having a flowing blog, with daily updates It's only for those that "DO NOT HAVE LIVES", I mean, where do you get your digital music from? Think about it: dudes that have blogs AND LIVES.
So, it is a bad response to the demand of your followers to say "I have a life please don't make me interrupt it with a blog".
For that, you better quit.
This is geting AVERAGE

Sincerely: Claudia who used to pay attention to your taste but got tired of the having a life BS

Patrick said...

lol aw shit dawgggg

yo for reallll

I mean, cool, thank you Claudia. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations are what the internet is all about.

I don't claim to know the daily schedules of everyone with a blog. All I know is that for me, right now, posting music on here is not a top priority.

I work full time. I'm not saying that having a full time job and maintaining a full time blog are two things that cannot coexist in a person's life. I'm saying that I don't feel like, erm, coexisting them. I respect the kind of people that love to do as many things as they can -- you know, keep themselves busy. Personally, I get home and barely feel like I can play guitar for five minutes straight.

For the record -- and I think this part is obvious -- I don't get paid to do this. I don't earn anything but the gratification that somewhere, someone is getting high just from hearing some good tunes.

In the future, please don't think of the FREE music I ILLEGALLY post as anything more than a gift. I am not obligated to continue giving. And I do not mean that as a threat to stop (Good gravy, I hope I never stop). It's just that, it's something I do because I like to think it is a good thing to do.

Thanks to those who continue to appreciate it, even as the gifts become more sparse. I love you all, and it makes me feel good that you still have any expectations whatsoever, in regards to the wavering quality of this sorry-excuse-for-a-blog.

This comment = disproportionately long? IDC

Next post should arrive as soon as I organize and upload the massive amount of files I plan on posting.

Don't feel too bad about it if I'm lying and the post never comes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, tough crowd. I have never seen more people pissed off about not getting FREE things. I love to post up music. The truth is, however, my life is busy. The times that my life isn't busy I am trying to spend with people and get prepared for when I leave for college.

And like what Patrick said, I don't get paid to do this. I get the satisfaction of knowing that somebody has listened to what I have uploaded, and that satisfaction is great. However, I do not have an obligation to keep doing this. I don't plan on stopping, but I don't plan on doing this ALL THE TIME.

To people who aren't picky about the free things they get, I love you. To everyone else, I don't really care.

Expect a post from me in the next few days.


j said...

always lookin' forward to the shit that shows up on here.

Anthony said...

wow. assholes.
i for one understand your "having a life" and not being able to blog often.
thanks for the tunes when they are posted, dudes. they are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo hoo. The world's smallest violin playing just for you.

Why wait for this dumb blog to get its shit together when virtually everything this asshole promises to post are already available in other places, as they are released. And then you don't have to deal with worthless death metal garbage posts too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, death metal sucks!! And so do we! Woooo!

Anonymous said...

boo hoo hoo you suck stfu

Anonymous said...

I fucking LOVE the internet.

spaceman73 said...

fucking brilliant.some of the comments on here are great.miserable fuckers