November 11, 2008

Eric Copeland - Alien in a Garbage Dump (2008)

EDIT: If for some reason google or someone else brought you here, know that this is only half of the full-length that was released almost a year after I originally posted this. That album can be found HERE.

The Black Dice member's recent solo release sticks close to the formula he perfected on his previous full-length, Hermaphrodite. Who am I kidding, loolllz. Anyone who has heard Black Dice knows it's their lack of any conceivable structure that really keeps their unique brand of noise interesting. This feels like another evolution, just on schedule. Worth downloading for the last half of the title track (Stream it here) but the rest is pretty killer as well.

Preview on Myspace
Stream another track (corn on the cob)
BUY IT! (vinyl only)


muinha said...

so good this one!

lostmonster said...

Damn, thanks for uploading this.

Cody said...

Eric Copeland is such an outstanding musician.

Thanks for this much Patrick!