November 03, 2008

The Specials - The Specials (1979)

The Specials are quite possibly the best ska band ever. Yeah, I said it. This is their first release, and a legendary ska masterpiece. It's upbeat and mellow. You can skank to it and you can chill to it. Every song is amazing. For real. If you have never downloaded anything I have put up here, do it now. You would be doing yourself a favor.
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Anonymous said...

yes, the specials are great, but best ska band ever? i think not

Anonymous said...

They are up there. At least I think so.

I definitely laced my opinion on very heavily here, haha.

Caravatti said...

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Suco de Cérebro said...

Dillon Rules!
Thx a lot man,I agree with you.This album is a masterpiece.