November 11, 2008

Storm And Stress x2

EDIT: THESE LINKS ARE DOWN. They'll probably never go back up, because Touch And Go Records is on top of things. Same goes for Don Cab links. Sorry.

However, if you're reading this, please don't give up hope. These are my two of my favorite records of all time, and I implore you to continue your search. You won't regret it. This message has been approved by Bradford Cox.

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This band will more-than-satisfy you when you get tired of Ian Williams' other bands, Don Caballero and Battles. Ian locks his guitar in the basement and feeds it only yearning. He also sings to himself. The drums rumble freely and catastrophically but internally. Under Thunder also includes Eric Ehm, who played bass on the final Don Caballero album, American Don.

Storm and Stress (1997)

Under Thunder and Fluorescent Light (2000)


Anonymous said...

hey, big fan of your blog. The links for these albums don't work, can we get a re-up please? thanks!

Anonymous said...

that would be amazing, i've been looking for these guys for a while :]