May 10, 2008


The three full-length releases that I'm aware of. I've been putting off posting these because I couldn't find adequate album art. In a moment of clarity, I looked at their official website. Duh.

If you like Pocahaunted or anything Animal Collective released before Sung Tongs, you might enjoy this. Or just click the "buy it!" link below to preview two of their songs. Never trust comparisons.

Is Night People (2003)

The Cave of Spirits Forever (2005)

Behold Secret Kingdom (2007)

Buy it!
These might be out-of-print. Information is sparse, or I'm lazy, but here's the label's myspace.


the grizzle said...

Thanks, man. I've been looking for some Raccoo-oo-oon links. I'll be checking out some of the other stuff you've uploaded too.

conrad said...

holy shit-this sounds fucking awful!